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L. Jäger, B. Wüthrich, B.K. Ballmer-Weber
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Continuum Scale Simulation of Engineering Materials


Continuum Scale Simulation of Engineering Materials Einkaufswagen

Autor: D. Raabe, F. Roters, F. Barlat, L.-Q. Chen (Hrsg.)
Auflage: 2004
Form: 855 Seiten, gebunden
ISBN-10: 3527307605
ISBN-13: 978352730760-9
Verlag: Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA
Preis (EUR): 259.00
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This book presents our current knowledge and understanding of continuum-based concepts behind computational methods used for microstructure and process simulation of engineering materials above the atomic scale.

Divided into three main parts, the volume provides an excellent overview on the different simulation methods, comparing them in therms of their respective particular weaknesses and advantages. This trains readers to identify appropriate approaches to the new challenges that emerge every day in this exciting domain. The first part is a basic overview covering fundamental key methods in the field of continuum scale materials simulation. The second one then goes on the look at applications of these methods to the prediction of microstructures, dealing with explicit examples, while the third part discusses example applications in the field of process simulation.

By presenting a spectrum of different computational approaches to materials, the book aims to initiate the development of corresponding virtual laboratories in the industry in which these methods are exploited. As such, it addresses graduates and undergraduates, lectures, materials scientist and engineers, physicists, biologists, chemists, mathematicians, and mechanical engineers.